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All About Me and My Family
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About Me


I was born sometime in November of 2004, in Thomasville, GA.  My doggie mom is a black Lab named Mystique.  We're not sure about my doggie dad, but we think he may be German Shorthaired Pointer. 
My doggie mom, sister and I were found living under a trailer in Georgia when I was just a tiny puppy.  We were taken to a shelter, but then we were picked up by a rescue group from Florida called Florida All Retriever RescueFARR placed us in temporary foster homes, but eventually we each found loving families to adopt us.  My foster mom, Carol, named me after her favorite NFL quarterback (it was Superbowl time) and my new parents kept the name because they said it fit me. 
I love to get out and meet people and other dogs at places like the park and the pet store.  I'm very good in the car, so my parents never mind taking me along.  My favorite place to go is the beach, but I don't like to go in the water if it's too rough.  The pool at home is always calm.  I also like to meet up with my friends at the dog park once or twice a week.  My favorite toy is a blue teddy bear that plays "Rock-a-Bye Baby" when I squeeze it.  I squeeze it a lot.  I like to watch TV, especially things with dogs like the Super Retriever Series, K-9 Nation and The Dog Whisperer and of course I'm a Patriots fan so I watch football when they play. But what I like better than anything else is wrestling with my sisters, Maggie & Daisy.  We spend most of our day either playing or sleeping.  I'm never lonely now that I have them around.

Maggie, Mom and me on the beach

I love watching Super Retriever Series on TV

About my Family and Friends

My Dad's name is Robert and he owns an asphalt paving business called Eagle Asphalt & Sealcoat.  My Mom's name is Kathy.  She is a professional dog groomer at Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique.

My Sister Maggie

For my first birthday my parents decided to find me a sister so we adopted a puppy from another rescue group, Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue.  She's a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix named Maggie, born on August 28, 2005.  She's a lot more energetic than I am so she keeps me busy. Her favorite thing in the world is our pool.  She never gets tired of playing in it.  She can jump really far.  Mom got her into dock diving - Maggie had her first chance at the St. Petersburg Home & Remodeling Show Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2006.  Maggie also likes to do agility but just for fun, not competition.  She gets lazy after a few runs and starts to take shortcuts.

Dock Dogs Competition

Maggie loves to swim...

and she can really jump!


Daisy was a holiday gift for a little girl but the family didn't take the time to train her so when she chewed up toys or had an accident they locked her in her crate.  Eventually, she ended up in her crate almost all the time until she came to live with us in July of 2008.  Now she has the run of the house and yard and she absolutely loves the pool.  She has learned to chew just her bones and toys and is perfectly potty trained.  Her favorite sport is Flyball, but she will only play with her special glow ball.  Her birthday is September 13th, 2007 which makes her a Virgo and therefore just like Maggie.  She's the perfect addition to our family.  Daisy wants everyone to know:  Dogs are forever - NOT for Christmas!

Daisy relaxing at home.

After a day at the beach

Maggie & Callie

In Memorium
Callie the cat passed away on October 3, 2006.
She was nearly 21 years old.
In life, Mom called Callie her
"Guardian Angel".
Now she is an Angel for real.
We all miss her.

Mi-sa Prefers to Drink from the Faucet

Aunt Mi-sa was rescued from an abusive home when she was just 6 months old.  When my Grandma lost her own mom, my mom decided she needed a kitty to love and to help her feel better.  So off they went to the SPCA Tampa Bay where they found and adopted Mi-sa.  Grandma named her after an ancient Seminole medicine woman because Mi-sa was "good medicine" for her.  Mi-sa liked water straight from the faucet, sleeping with her stuffed toys and on her back in her bed.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010.


Uncle Bear Adopted my Gradparents on Thanksgiving of 2008.  He was partially feral, but really wanted to have a family.  With the help of a cat coach (seriously!) and lots of love he has become a sweet, loving guy.

My Pal Sam

My and Maggie's best friend is a Chestnut Golden Retriever named Sam.  Sam's a rescued dog too.  He lives in Tampa.  He was left anonymously at a shelter in Central Florida so we don't know where he came from, but he was in good shape and well trained.  The shelter messed up his neutering operation and he was very ill for a while, but thanks to the love and support of his mom and mine he is better now.

My Doggie Mom Mystique

My doggie mom is named Mystique (like in the X-Men).  She had heartworms when we were first found, but she's better now.  She stayed on with her foster mom from the rescue group because they bonded so well.

Maggie's Doggie Mom Linda

Maggie came from a backyard  breeder who didn't realize how much was involved in caring for and raising puppies.  When they found out how much work, money, and time it cost them, they took all their dogs to a rescue group and left them.  Thankfully, everyone has found their new forever homes.  Maggie's doggie mom is Linda.  She lives in St. Petersburg and works as a therapy dog now.

Maggie's Doggie Dad Jackson

Maggie's doggie dad, Jackson, was also adopted into a loving family as were all Maggie's brothers and sisters.

About Bradyville

Ever since I moved in, I've been working hard at training my parents, so I thought it might be nice to let Mom have a little fun.  I talked her into doing some custom collars for me with my name and some of my favorite things painted on them.  I also got her to personalize my treat bag so everyone would know it belongs to me.  She had so much fun doing them that I suggested she might like to make some for other people's pets too.  She started doing so many that she had to get my grandma to help her with them. They're also helping me to write a children's book all about my adventures.  I thought putting our products on the web would be a great way to reach animal lovers and to let everyone know how great it can be to adopt a homeless pet.  I also wanted to bring attention to all the great work that animal rescue groups do.  They do it purely for the love of animals, usually with their own money and rely on donations and fund raisers for the money they need to keep saving homeless pets.

Looking to adopt a homeless pet?  My parents found Maggie and me at PetFinder.com.

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