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Pet Slings
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Pet Slings

Brady's Pet Slings
Carry your pet in comfort and style
Cotton fabric on the outside in a variety of colors and styles
A soft, fuzzy lining on the inside
Machine Wash/Tumble Dry
Regular Pocket for most small dogs 10 lbs and under $34
Deeper Pocket for larger dogs $36
Also available in Mesh for Summer $30

Chico loves his Pet Sling!

New Snuggle Sling
to Carry Your Pet Higher on Your Body
Made from a Soft Jersey Material
Avaiable in Grey or Light Green
Sizes M, L, XL, 2X
Sizes Based on Your Body Size
Choose the Size by Your Shirt Size
Machine Wash, Tumble Dry

Max modeling the new Snuggle Sling

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